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What is PNR Number
PNR is acronym for Passenger Name Record. This is a record of an individual passenger which exist in the database of computer reservation system that has the itinerary of a traveler, or a group of traveler flying together. Initially this concept was used by airline industry to exchange reservation information in case of traveler needed flights of multiple airlines in order to arrive their desired destination.

This is the most convenient and simplest way to track the information each and every passenger traveling through particular flight. PNR Number remains unchanged during the journey and cannot be modified or changed until end of your journey.

As the idea of PNR become successful in the airline industry, the railway industry embraced it too. Now IRCTC and Indian Railway offer PNR No. to all the tickets booked by them in order to make the checking easier.

If we talk about Indian Railways or IRCTC, PNR is a 10 unique ten digit number assigned to every single ticket purchased through IRCTC Website or reservation counter. You can find this number on the top left corner of your railway ticket.

What a PNR Number provides?
This unique identification number is generated for each and every booked ticket whether it’s confirm or not. It Provides arrival and departure time, date of journey, current status (whether confirmed or in waiting list), seat number and bogie, gender and so on.